His love for music was discovered at an early stage, mainly due his parents. Illfort’s father and mother were fond of music and that’s when he heard his first jazz, blues, soul & disco sounds. However, Illfort used these influences later in his career.

His cousin gave Illfort a turntable where Illfort made his first steps as a DJ. After many hours and long nights of practicing, the first local parties followed soon. After that it went fast: His first big performance was at Passie, a huge event that was organized in Rotterdam and its region.The above- mentioned influences of his parents became part of his new dj-style;

After that Illfort got a residency in Gouda at HIP and Flinq which resulted in several bookings at the Thalia Lounge. The Thalia Lounge was –especially at that time- an important club in Rotterdam’s nightlife. Illfort didn’t go unnoticed there and played at many great parties like Hees, MUST, METZ, Latin Lovers, Lunapark, Toaster and big festivals like Ultra Sonic Festival.

Nowadays Illfort Grantz is an experienced DJ who played at many venues like Maassilo, Cruise Terminal, Panama, Hal4, Kurhaus.




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